7 Other Marketing Vehicles You Can Use Alongside SMS

Advertising takes a lot of work and effort. Despite the advantages of using SMS as a prime marketing vehicle; in order to truly develop a brand’s campaign, it is imperative that at least more than one marketing strategy is indicated in the process.

These other advertising vehicles have a wide range of influence that SMS sometimes cannot take over. This is why it is important to make sure that all relevant marketing strategies are developed to maximize the potential of a particular campaign.

Audio Vehicle

This marketing vehicle is focused on the auditory senses of prospects. This means the campaign can be advertised through a radio station or even a podcast. As long as it is about listening to the details of the campaign, as it is part of this particular vehicle.

This is very influential in cases wherein a person has his or her attention somewhere else.


Perhaps this is one of the most popular marketing vehicles in the world. Television offers a wide array of opportunities for advertisers to promote their products. The promotional structure can be a kind of product placement or a full-length commercial that showcases the brand and the campaign.


Technology today has allowed marketing schemes to be more encompassing. In this generation, companies can create websites or webpages that highlight their products and services.

Those business organizations that are particularly influential even utilize different online platforms to advertise their companies.


This marketing vehicle is considered a classic. Even so, it can still be very influential to the right people. In popular hardcopy magazines, for instance, printed publications offer a lot of opportunity for businesses that target the specific prospects who read these hardbound materials.


Marketing is everywhere even on the streets. When you go outside and see a billboard or a stand that promotes a certain subject, it is a type of environmental marketing vehicle. The good thing about this is that it can be placed in large trafficked areas.

However, it can also suffer by being ignored by pedestrians who are busy going to their destinations.


Product placements are now integrated within downloadable apps. While it allows for great brand visibility, this kind of marketing vehicle can immediately backfire if the users become frustrated with the abundant advertisement that surrounds their applications. Thus, this has to be used with thorough care.


Marketing can also be implemented through social gatherings. Creating dynamic events often encourage participants to try the businesses that either sponsored the event or were the actual organizers of the event.

Even though it can be limiting in terms of prospects, this is one of the leading marketing strategies out there to attract consumers.

Marketing has come a long way from its previous years wherein it has been limited by the technology of the classical times. Today, it is basically impossible not to encounter any kind of marketing campaign.

Whether you stay at home or go out, there are many ways for businesses to reach you.

SMS is a great marketing vehicle; however, it is not the only one. Most of the time, it is a lot more beneficial if a company uses more than one marketing vehicle to advertise their products and services.

The utility of diverse marketing vehicles gives them a higher chance to be recognized by different prospects.